I’m a pretty bad coder, but I do my best to get by in MATLAB and Python. I’ll post some scripts here for those interested. I’d appreciate feedback on them too, I haven’t been programming for long and would appreciate constructive criticism on improving my code.

Habitable Zone Lifetime:

I used this model to make calculations for my 2013 paper on the Habitable Zone Lifetimes of exoplanets around main sequence stars. Now updated with new habitable zone calculations from Kopparapu et al. (2013). Click on the icon below to download the zip file, extract the files and run ‘HZL.m’ in MATLAB.

To run the model you’ll need to know the size & approximate age of the star and distance (semi-major axis) of the planet you’re interested in. Given the updated moist greenhouse HZ limits (0.99 AU) from Kopparapu et al. (2013), the habitable zone lifetime of the Earth is reduced to 0.106 billion years from now, a total of 4.646 billion years!

HZL calculator output for Earth.

HZL calculator output for Earth.

There are some issues with the calculator for lower mass stars (less than 0.5 solar masses) that I’m currently working on.


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